2020 pulse Agenda

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The following is a draft agenda. Changes may be made without notice.

09:15 AM

Welcome Session
DX3 Pulse Welcome Session.

09:30 AM

Future of Retail Post COVID-19
  1. Does the business model still work?
  2. Is this the end of retail business as we have known it?
  3. Are resilience and adaptability core components of a business strategy, like tech, product, and logistics?

10:15 AM

Pivotal Leadership
Tania Ferlin, Sr. Manager, Chartwells, Compass Group Canada
Erin Reynolds, Marketing Communications Specialist, Samsonite Canada
Feras Ray Zikra, CEO, Karl Winters
Brandi  Leifso, Founder, CEO, Evio Beauty Group Ltd.  
  1. Innovative ideas to fuel the future
  2. Pivot the market, pivot the product
  3. Cultivating a risk-taking environment
  4. Cultivating Understand and expand digital capabilities of the company
  5. Leading through rapid change
  6. Experiential, contact-free retail

11:00 AM

Morning Break
15 Minutes Morning Break

11:15 AM

The Alpha and Omega of Omni-
Tanvir Bhangoo, Vice President, Technology, Freshii
  1. The ubiquity of connected devices demands a seamless experience across multiple touchpoints…but without touching.
  2. Omnichannel payments solutions to support omnichannel commerce.
  3. How can we reinvent the purpose of the store with technology?
  4. The holistic distribution approach
  5. The pandemical rise of BOPIS

12:00 PM

Marketing to the Post-Pandemic Consumer
  1. What is marketing for social distancing?
  2. How can we facilitate direct interaction with customers?
  3. How do we build link between positive endorsements and marketing?
  4. What is the best way to understand customer data? Behaviour vs. Demographics? Is the new element of safety and risk perceptions helpful?
  5. How can we keep up with online shoppers’ changing expectations?

12:45 PM

Lunch Break
One Hour Lunch Break

1:45 PM

Panel - Digital vs Digitization
Nicklas Rønning, Managing Partner, Signifly Inc.
  1. Digitization is internal: Communicate, Collaborate, WFH, etc.
  2. Digital is customer-facing: E-commerce, Digital Marketing, etc.
  3. What are the best tools and strategies to progress on both fronts?

2:30 PM

The Post-Pandemic Payments Landscape
Corby Fine, Vice President, Digital Marketing, GoEasy Ltd.
  1. How to adopt contact-less, mobile payments?
  2. Are we seeing the fall of digital currencies?
  3. How do mobile payments drive insights for both Customer and Company?
  4. Are we incorporating financial inclusion?

3:15 PM

Afternoon Break
15 Minutes Break

3:30 PM

Brands and Social Movements
Mo Dezyanian, President, Empathy Inc.
Jennifer Harper, CEO & Founder Cheekbone Beauty
Joy Yap, CEO & Founder, Wyld Skincare
  1. Be consistent, be real
  2. Stand for something
  3. Is social justice making companies re-evaluate their work-place policies?
  4. What is motivating the company’s action on social impact?
  5. How do customers perceive the brand through their social activities?

4:15 PM

Beyond the Sale
  1. Customer experience development for retention
  2. Post-sales marketing without digital saturation
  3. Nurturing verticals in customer care
  4. Creating collaborative retail partnerships

5:00 PM

End of DX3 pulse