De Groot
Co-Founder, CEO
Justo Inc., Brokerage

Daphne de Groot is CEO and Co-Founder of Justo, a real estate brokerage for the modern age. Justo is latin for "just" or "fair" and the foundation of the company’s mission to provide buyers and sellers with superior service, fairly and reliably.

 An entrepreneur at heart, Daphne was struck by the stagnant and costly nature of Canada’s real estate industry and was motivated to come up with an alternative to the existing, out of date model. She co-created Justo to provide a better option for buyers and sellers, one that ensures fairness and transparency while saving clients tens of thousands of dollars in transaction and service costs.  

Prior to Justo, Daphne was a real estate developer with BLUEBEAR Real Estate Investments and Developments.

Daphne previously lived in Tel Aviv, Israel, where she worked as a Director of Business Development for YKnot, a company that matches emerging businesses and startups with the service providers they need, including public relations consultants, designers, recruiters, patent and immigration attorneys, marketers, developers, and many other sectors.  

With original plans to become a veterinarian, Daphne learned early on that she was not suited to the confines of the clinic. As a creative thinker who thrives on interactions, conversations and negotiations, she decided to make her entrepreneurial dreams a reality.

Daphne holds a BASc in Marine Biology and Biological Oceanography from the Ruppin Academic Center.

She currently lives in Toronto.

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