Dave Mazzone


VP of Marketing


Staples Canada

Dave Mazzone is Vice President of Marketing at Staples Canada. He is responsible for leading the company’s brand strategy, integrated sales and promotional campaigns, in-store environment, loyalty and CRM programs, social media, public relations and corporate responsibility strategy. Dave Mazzone is an experienced Marketing Executive with a unique combination of analytical and creative skills, with a track record of driving profitable revenue growth. He has led both digital and marketing teams for iconic Canadian retail brands such as Hudson’s Bay, Mark’s and Canadian Tire.

He possesses a unique combination of analytical and creative skills that he has leveraged to drive profitable revenue growth. He also shares a passion for creating an engaging omni-channel experience that uniquely connects with customers to help grow market share. A fact-based decision maker with a relentless commitment to creating and executing strategies that achieve or exceed plans, Dave completed his MBA at York University.

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