Disruption Ventures

After two decades operating as a CEO and advising companies, a severely under-utilized segment became clear to Elaine Kunda: women. But, at the time in 2012, no one wanted to listen to the Toronto native and former CEO. Truth be told, less than 8% of venture capitalists are women and less than 2% of women get access to venture capital funding.

Last year, Ms. Kunda founded Disruption Ventures, a private venture capital fund that invests in women-founded or -managed companies, with the goal of recognizing an untapped opportunity and enabling women entrepreneurs to scale their ideas, solve unique problems, and make money.

On March 5, Disruption Ventures will announce its first close, a $13 million commitment. What makes the deal unique is that $10 million comes from a multinational financial institution, making DV the largest and most solid VC fund of its kind.

Now that the trail-blazing entrepreneur is equipped to shake up the traditionally male-dominated venture capital world, she is available to talk about behind-the-scenes boardroom observations, her outlook for the next five years, the story of how she got to where she is today, and her mission to invest in the best women-led businesses when early-stage capital is most needed – period.

With International Women's Day on March 8, the same week, Ms. Kunda can chat about the themes above – in addition to calling out all Canadian women to step-up to the plate with their ideas.

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