Fourmi Bionique

Geneviève Gagnon has earned two bachelor’s degrees, one in psychology and one in public relations. She worked in public affairs, communications and event planning for over 6 years as a consultant for businesses and for non-profit organizations. In 2003, she founded La Fourmi Bionique, a Montreal-based food processing business with around twenty employees, where she holds the title of President. From the very beginning, her business has kept growing. Fourmi Bionique specializes in artisanal cereals made from local, organic and fair trade ingredients, as well as high-quality snacks, all made with an eco-responsible approach. Throughout her entrepreneurial journey, Geneviève has received over a dozen of prizes and honours, including the Prix des Femmes d’Affaires (Quebec Business women’s Award) in 2011 and 2019. Fourmi Bionique products are sold in more than 2000locations throughout Canada and France.

The business is in an enviable position in both retail and institutional markets in Quebec, earning it repeat appearances in the PROFIT 500 annual rankings, which lists the fastest-growing Canadian businesses.

Mother to three young children, Geneviève’s experience proves that business success and motherhood can go hand in hand.


About Fourmi Bionique

Since 2004, the Fourmi Bionique brand has been driven by the desire to promote healthy and gourmet products. From the local, organic, and fair trade ingredients to the artisanal techniques used, the granolas, mueslis, and snacks, with carefully chosen ingredients, reflect the brand’s values and Canadian roots. Fourmi Bionique has become synonymous with quality and luxury, bringing a bold, contemporary angle to classic products which celebrate the pleasure food can bring while promoting a wholesome lifestyle.

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