Founder, President
Reformulary Group

Helen Stevenson is the CEO and founder of Reformulary Group, a healthcare technology company focused on helping Canadians make smart drug choices. Founded in 2011, The Reformulary has disrupted the traditional models for drug benefits; it has made a major difference for Canadians, making drug plans more sustainable for employers and more useful for employees.

Helen is one of the top prescription drug reformers in the country. Under her leadership as Assistant Deputy Minister of Health and Executive Officer of Ontario Public Drug Programs, the government achieved an unprecedented $1.5 billion in savings over five years and sparked reform across the country. In addition to being a thought-leader and transformer in the health industry, Helen is a veteran among female founders in Canada. Through resilience, grit and creative thinking in her entrepreneurial journey, Helen has created change, finding inspiration in mobilizing patients and putting them first when it comes to their health plans.

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