SVP Technology & Operations
Cineplex Digital Media

Jennifer is a product and tech executive with deep expertise in bringing products and services to market from ideation to profitability. Over the past two decades, she has pushed boundaries in engineering, product management and strategic thinking. Her career has spanned technologies from satellite communications to laser projectors, markets from cinema to military and customers from NASDAQ to Disney. She transformed the worldwide cinema industry from analog to 100% digital technology, and has “wowed” billions of people with spectacular visual displays on architectural landmarks, in theme parks and at numerous Olympic ceremonies, alongside partners such as Disney, Dolby, Universal Studios and Wanda Group.

In her current role as Senior Vice President of Technology & Operations at Cineplex Digital Media, a key growth division of Cineplex, one of Canada’s leading entertainment and media companies, Jennifer is leveraging her past to help retailers and brands build meaningful and impactful customer experiences in the rapidly evolving digital-out- of-home market. Capitalizing on the trends in IoT, mobile and data analytics to create seamless customer journeys between online and offline places.

She is a change agent, profit and market share driver and high-performance team builder in high growth, rapidly changing environments. Jennifer is personally passionate about STEM fields and advocating for STEM career choices among young women. She is a recipient of Top 40 Under 40, Entrepreneurship and Innovation, Alumnus and Technologist of the Year awards.

Jennifer currently serves as vice chair of the board for Communitech and is a frequent guest speaker, advisor and judge for several industry organizations and events. She completed her Masters of Technology Management degree at Wilfrid Laurier University’s Lazaridis School of Business & Economics, is a licensed Professional Engineer and a graduate of McGill University's faculty of engineering.

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