Kiva Dickinson


Founder and Managing Partner


Selva Ventures

Kiva Dickinson is the Founder and Managing Partner of Selva Ventures. Selva Ventures was founded in 2019 with an ambitious mission: to invest in brands that make their consumers’ lives better. For many people, living healthier lives is complicated, confusing, expensive and inconvenient; Selva hopes to play a part in changing that. Selva Ventures has invested in over a dozen health & wellness brands, including MUD\WTR, Mid-Day Squares, Native Pet and Arrae. Prior to founding Selva Ventures Kiva was a Partner at CircleUp, where he joined during the launch of the Company’s first VC fund CircleUp Growth Partners. While at CircleUp Kiva led Series B investments in Liquid I.V. (subsequently acquired by Unilever) and Nutpods, working closely with both companies following investment. Prior to CircleUp, Kiva was a private equity investor in San Francisco at TPG Capital, and he began his career in Los Angeles at Barclays in consumer-focused investment banking.

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