Co-Founder & CEO

In early 2016, Libby Garg left the practice of law to start a “Freshii” franchised restaurant.  Her motivation was to honour a dream she and her late sister, Carley, shared in making healthy food more accessible.

Libby co-founded WorkSolute later the same year to be the complete work solution for managing teams in industries marked by wage-based pay, and consistent turnover.  WorkSolute is trusted by brands such as Burger King, Domino’s, PetValu, Trade Secret’s, Panago Pizza, and yes… Freshii too.  

WorkSolute allows employers to find what truly matters to their “most” important positions.  The matching algorithm distills verified work experience and availability to find the best-suited front-line workers to represent their brands.  WorkSolute also supports work seekers by connecting them with work that is close by their home, and fits their schedule.

Libby is passionate about building organizational culture through managing the controllable, and allowing the rest to flourish.  She is an advocate for the sectors she serves and rarely stops thinking about how to get the best people in the right positions.  She is also the managing partner of Selterre Corporation, with investments in active businesses, real estate, as well as private and public equity.  She sits on the board of directors for the Liberty Village Business Improvement Area, and is the Chair of the Restaurant and Retail Committee.

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