CEO & Co-founder

“Marc is well-seasoned when it comes to putting in hard work to create a business. While completing his five-year Health Science major at the University of Waterloo, he was forced to create his own success to pay for University. While he was busy earning an income to pay for school, he was also balancing the time commitments of being a varsity athlete. Marc first entered the tech industry by co-founding the Waterloo based start-up “Tell” and then 2 years later, “DashTask.” 

Industry knowledge is an invaluable asset; Marc was able to learn the insights by spending 4 years working for an industry leader, Nutrafarms. After graduating university, he was promoted to Branch Manager and was responsible for building and managing the branch that brought in almost $3 million in sales revenue annually at the age of 22. From there Marc went into consulting, working with clients in AustinTexas on digital marketing and branding. He’s had the opportunity to work on digital strategies with various SME’s as well as doing brief consultations for the founder of Viome, billionaire Naveen Jain.  

As CEO of truLOCALMarc has had experience in all aspects of running a business such as branding and digital marketing, data informatics, team management legal and accounting, fundraising (angel and VC), market expansion, international expansion, hiring and recruiting, fulfilment and logistics, team development, mentorship, and management training. Marc’s core strengths lay with branding and scaling digital marketing efforts, he’s always looking to stay current and as part of his personal development he recently completed a 6-week executive level retention program hosted by partners at Andreesen Horowitz, Greylock capital partners and leaders from Uber, Pintrest, and Hubspot. 

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