Di Paola
Managing Director, Canada

Matt is the Managing Director of the Huge Canada office, where he brings his 20+ years of experience in cultural transformation, innovation, entrepreneurialism and digitally led thinking.

He has also worked across several verticals, including finance, consumer packaged goods, travel & tourism, technology, retail and automotive. These clients have allowed him the opportunity to work at the Global level, as well as service specific markets, including Canada, US, Hong Kong, South Korea & Australia.

In his spare time, Matt is either running his local innovation supper club, organizing intimate & exclusive events for independent musicians, taking photos, or advising tech start-ups. He is also an active thought leader in the digital community and has presented at SXSW, Tech Toronto’s MarketingTO, EnsembleTO, Banff World Media Festival, ICA's Advertising Week, Dx3, Schulich, and Red Academy. He has been published on Betakit, Media in Canada, Strategy, Freshbooks, and Creative Niche. In 2011, he was Executive Producer of the off broadway NYC play, "Quake" and wrote, directed & produced "The Grind" in 2001's Toronto Fringe Festival.

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