Nathaniel Valentine


Head of Client Success



Nat Valentine is a Toronto-based digital marketer and the Head of Client Success at CreatorClub, a one-stop hub for content creation. With over eight years of experience across a spectrum of marketing disciplines, Nat has developed a robust skill set that enables him to see the full marketing picture, from experiential and social media marketing to content creation and account management. Having collaborated with notable brands such as AB InBev, Diageo, and Loblaws, as well as being instrumental in the success of various small to mid-sized enterprises, Nat's versatile approach to marketing is both innovative and results-driven. His journey, marked by overcoming personal challenges and leveraging his unique background, has fueled his passion for creating content that wins, underpinned by agile methodologies and a data-driven mindset.

At CreatorClub, Nat Valentine plays a pivotal role in architecting the systems and processes that underpin the seamless execution of strategic content initiatives. His leadership in client success is instrumental in aligning CreatorClub's innovative content production with the nuanced objectives of each client. Through the development of agile methodologies and data-driven strategies, Nat ensures that every project not only meets but exceeds client expectations. His focus on building robust processes has been critical in enhancing the efficiency and effectiveness of content ideation, production, and distribution, enabling CreatorClub to scale brands online with precision and creativity.

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