Chairman & Co-Founder

Rajen is Founder and Chairman of Endy, Canada’s leading online mattress brand. Rajen actively leads the company’s growth, strategy, and vision as the company’s majority shareholder. Rajen self-funded the company, which has taken minimal outside investment.

Rajen co-founded Endy with a vision to elevate e-commerce in Canada by building a disruptive brand for Canadians, by Canadians. He set out to build a growth company that would become Canada’s largest vertical e-commerce brand.

Before launching Endy, Rajen was a co-founder of Groupon International via acquisition of his company Citydeal. This deal remains Groupon’s biggest acquisition to date. He also founded and led Groupon Goods during his time with the company.

Rajen has had multiple exits and successes in his other ventures and investments, as an early investor in Snap and Twitter. Rajen also is a board member of Clearbanc and was an early advisor to Classpass and The Honest Company.

The Priya and Rajen Ruparell Foundation is a contributor to education, the arts, women empowerment initiatives and needs of low-income children.

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