National TMT Industry Sector Leader
EY Canada

The way we personalize customer experiences now will drive entirely new results in the years ahead. As EY Canada’s National TMT Industry Sector Leader, Rohit helps telecommunications clients reimagine what’s possible for their customers, and their business. With 15 years’ experience in consulting and industry, he fuels national engagements with unique perspective and inventive ideas. A big believer in the power of data, Rohit blends his economics and accounting background with expertise honed while working across operators and regulators in Europe and Asia. Taken together, that perspective fuels his ability to help businesses leverage new technology, and achieve required business outcomes. Rohit holds a Bachelor of Science in Business Management from Kings College London, and a Master’s of Business Administration in management from the University of Warwick. Consumer focused. Technology driven. Colossally committed to enabling telco growth by aligning what we know about customers with what we hope to create.

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