Susan Paley knows a few things about working with a creative mind. She has teased out some of the most innovative, disruptive concepts to impact the audio world in decades. She was the first CEO of Beats by Dre and brought their flagship products to market, transforming how consumers approach sound and audio brands forever. Now she is CEO of DropLabs, a company engineering smart haptic technology for integration into everyday casual wear, transforming how people experience sound through media.

Susan brings over 15+ years of product leadership in consumer technology, and is the driving force behind some of the most innovative consumer products and embedded solutions in the audio/digital audio space. She has worked with global, emerging and disruptive brands such as JBL and Harman Kardon. Her expertise: developing businesses from inception to scale that are focused on transforming markets to capture significant revenue and consumer mindshare.

More than anything Paley is a builder. In her tenure she has created successful, sustainable businesses based on innovative consumer platforms comprised of hardware, software and digital content to realize new paradigms for global lifestyle brands. She has applied this winning formula to global lifestyle brands such as Beats by Dr. Dre, JBL, GM, Chrysler/Fiat, HP, Quiksilver/Roxy, Nickelodeon and Universal Music Group.

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