Co-Founder and CEO

Tyler Handley is the Co-Founder and CEO of Inkbox. Tyler has always loved to create and build. As a child, he would spend hours building cities out ofLEGO, and at age 10, even invented his own language. These early passions helped develop the leadership approach with which Tyler now manages his150 person team at Inkbox; one focused on fostering creative vision. Since launching the business with his brother in 2015, he has defined an entirely new product category and led Inkbox to become one of Canada’s fastest growing companies. Tyler’s  natural ability to connect to his team and customers makes him a uniquely authentic, accessible and dynamic leader.He is constantly iterating on his creative outlook for the organization, which inspires others to follow suit.  

Tyler  has a keen sense of self awareness that drives him to seek learning and growth from experts in each field.Tyler also holds an M.A. in Digital Culture and Society from King’s College London and is an advisor and investor in Parade, Blume and HOLOS.Outside of work, Tyler enjoys reading, fitness, astronomy and drawing.

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