Data Science Officer at Liquid Analytics
Liquid Analytics

Vish is an innovative transformational leader. Vish designs Augmented Intelligent (AI) solutions based on deep industry knowledge.  He leads a team of data scientists, data engineers, developers, and business experts. Vish enables customers and teams to transform quickly into industry innovators by delivering successful AI MVP’s (Minimum Viable Products) using Design Thinking. Vish monetizes a company’s vast data repositories with machine learning solutions that leverage automated visualization, conversational interfaces, voice recognition, sensor analytics and anticipatory user experiences. Vish is passionate about helping people begin their “Augmented Intelligence” journey from skills to teams to AI solutions that transform the human experience.  

Prior to Liquid Analytics, Vish launched and grew and sold three other companies in the mobile, analytics and user experience spaces. Vish is a graduate of the University of Waterloo with a degree in Electrical Engineering and holds patents in voice and AI. Vish loves nature and when not focused on the consumer experience, he is focused on transforming our planet into a sustainable, clean and fulfilling environment for all.

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