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Che is a multifaceted leader, keynote speaker, and leadership coach currently serving as the Senior Vice President of Talent at Performance Art, renowned for its pioneering fusion of data, creativity, and technology. With an unwavering commitment to championing growth, Che has navigated a diverse career spanning Healthcare, Education, Advertising, and Media, strongly emphasizing fostering creativity and nurturing talent.

Her impactful contributions include a pivotal role in the "A Question of Truth" exhibition, illuminating the intersection of scientific bias and the diverse experiences of various groups. As an initiator, Che spearheaded the launch of Toronto's inaugural mobile children's museum and played a foundational role in designing inclusive programs, guiding leaders to perceive diversity as a strategic asset.

Che's leadership roles at Origin Active Living and the University Health Network, coupled with her facilitation expertise at the Ontario Institute of Education, underscore her unwavering commitment to integrating wellness and diversity into the fabric of leadership. Her innovative and trailblazing approach consistently shapes the landscape of leadership and change management, positioning her as a vanguard in driving organizational evolution and transformation.

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