DX3 Canada 2024 DATES
April 9-10th, 2024
About Dx3

DX3 is Canada’s biggest event dedicated to digital marketing, advertising and retail. It brings brands, agencies, retailers and technology companies together for two days of networking and education.

About Dx3 Canada

DX3 is Canada’s largest conference and trade show dedicated to digital marketing, advertising and retail. DX3 connects the world’s top technology brands including Facebook, IBM, Samsung, Microsoft and MasterCard to Canada’s leading consumer brands, retailers and agencies by curating engaging content, immersive experiences and platforms that enable meaningful face-to-face commerce.

Check out all the incredible press from DX3 below, including some of Canada's top trade publications!'s Jennifer La Forge to Speak at DX3 Conference 2019

As part of an industry panel of experts at this year's DX3 conference, Jennifer La Forge, online retail expert and GM of (a Rakuten Company) will join retail leaders from eBay, Lululemon and Ernst & Young for an interactive panel discussion titled "How Brands are using Marketplaces to Expand". The panel will take place Thursday, March 7 at 10:30 a.m. at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre.

Three Key Takeaways from Dx3

Over two days, we heard from industry leaders and innovative thinkers about the future—and present—of retail. Artificial intelligence, personalization, omnichannel thinking, hiring diversity, mobile strategies, and more were part of the discussion. Here are our top three takeaways from the event!

iGotcha Media and LG Electronics Canada, Inc. to Showcase Innovative New Digital Signal Solutions at DX3 in Toronto

iGotcha Media, a digital interactive studio specialized in building memorable screen-based customer experiences, today announced that it will exhibit at DX3, Canada’s biggest retail, marketing and technology event, with long-standing partner LG Electronics Canada, Inc., a global leader in electronics, information and communications products.


In today’s episode of the Electric Runway podcast, we’re taking you to the show floor at Dx3, that’s Canada’s largest retail, marketing, and technology event and trade show. Having covered Dx3 for a few years now, we’ve found it’s always a good place to check out what’s new and next, and to find out how Canadian businesses and retailers are thinking about digital innovation.

DX3 2019 Recap: 3 Exciting Sessions We Attended

We had the pleasure of attending DX3 2019 this past week and attending many of the great sessions featuring great brands, retailers and agencies along with knowledgeable presenters/panelists. Over the years we’ve watched Dx3 grow into what it is today, providing insight into how technology can help us innovate and better our businesses.

How Endy Started, Scaled & Sold: Founders Discussion @ DX3 2019

It’s been a great success story for Endy and their co-founders, Rajen Ruparell and Mike Gettis, selling their company to Sleep Country Canada in November 2018 for just shy of $89 million. At the same time, they’ll continue to operate it as an independent company. We got a chance to hear the Endy story this month as the company literally just turned 4 years old. How did they do it?

Going from Customer Centric to Relationship Centric: Decathlon + Heyday @ DX3 2019

We’ve all had those experiences – the poor, disjointed conversations with retailers where they really have no idea as to what’s going on, leaving us ever so frustrated by missing simple conveniences we’ve come to expect. Customer expectations have greatly evolved and the customer of 2019 and forward demands much more than ever before. And since they’re parting with their hard-earned money, it’s hard to argue against them.

Cannabis Retail In Ontario Will Be An Interesting Ride: Panel Discussion @ DX3 2019

Cannabis retail regulations in Ontario are still murky. While the first 25 retail licenses have been granted, the industry still awaits clarity on the opening of the playing field for others eagerly awaiting a piece of the pie. Regulations are important – we’ve heard companies employing substantial in-house legal counsel to vet through regulatory information as it becomes available.

DX3 Retail Conference: Canada’s Largest Retail & Marketing Conference

Canada’s booming industry in retails and marketing has certainly grown and it will bring out more opportunities in the coming years. A number of events are held every year related to the retails and marketing. DX3 Retail is one such event which brings out the best for the retail industry.

Why Should You Attend DX3 Marketing & Retail Conference?

Marketing & Branding are indeed the most important aspects of a successful business. You need to be more focused on social media strategies and work towards your marketing goal. Lately, there are a number of events about retail and marketing. DX3 is one such event which would certainly help you in brand building.


Retail, marketing, and tech conference DX3 has announced its 2019 dates and speakers. The event will take place at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre on Wednesday, March 6 and Thursday, March 7.


DX3, an event for marketers examining the relationship between tech, media, and retail, has been acquired by IoT Events. For the past seven years, the Dx3 Conference in Toronto worked to connect Canada’s retail, digital marketing, and tech communities, attracting over 3,800 attendees.

In today’s world, integrating marketing with other business functions is key, says TD CMO

“There’s no question,” TD Bank Group’s chief marketing officer said during DX3 on March 7. “Great marketers are also great tech people, great data and digital people. So when you look horizontally across the company, you have to get out of your office and you have to work with partners across the organization.”

How Amazon helped give Bai a boost

Fighting (and paying) for shelf space at brick and mortar can be a challenge for startup challenger brands. Which is why the limitless shelf space and low barriers to entry for e-commerce is so enticing.


The Retail Times is a weekly newsletter covering retail tech news from Canada and around the globe.

Smart speaker boom coming to Canada, CES organizer says

Every five to six years, something hits the market that becomes an instant must-have among consumers, and right now, that device is a smart speaker. “This is not a normal growth curve,” said Steve Koenig, senior director, market researcher for CES organizer the Consumer Technology Association (CTA), pointing to a graph that showed U.S. smart speaker shipments at this year’s DX3 event in Toronto.

Couldn’t attend DX3 2018? We’ve Got You Covered

There was certainly an underlying theme in the speaking sessions and the show in general of the changing consumer experience and what it means for businesses and marketers today. The evolution of the way consumers engage with brands and the journey they take from awareness to purchase was the centre of discussion with a focus on the intertwining elements of the digital and physical shopping experiences.

Amazon explains its customer-centric approach

“At Amazon we believe having both the willingness and the ability to embrace this kind of change is a key success factor,” said Bar-Haim during a keynote presentation at the DX3 digital marketing conference in Toronto. “If you fight these trends, you’re fighting the future but if you embrace them you’ll have a tailwind at your back.” He urges Canadian companies to do the same.


This week, PayPal hosted the Startup Zone and pitch competition at DX3 2018. While 13 startups were featured in the Startup Zone, only seven were chosen to pitch in front of judges Douglas Soltys, editor-in-chief of BetaKit; Erin Bury, managing director of eighty-eight; Janet Bannister, general partner at Real Ventures; and Nancy Sahota, partnership marketing lead at PayPal Canada.

Hashtag Trending – DX3 Canada; Oculus bricked; Rhode Island proposes porn block

Trending on Twitter, DX3 Canada, an immersive digital marketing and retail conference hosted in Toronto. Delivering the opening keynote was Amazon Canada country manager Tamir Bar-Haim.

Event Review: DX3 - Canada's Immersive Digital Marketing & Retail Event

It was amazing morning to walk around the DX3 Trade show floor and learn, network and meet various booth. The were various organization selling VR Technology, Digital Media services, Augmented Reality games

Juniper launches cryptocurrency, founder says ‘we’re 100% not sure it’s going to work’

“We failed three times trying to get this thing to market … now we’re somewhat coming through the customer journey the right way,” Shrosbree told a packed hall at DX3 Canada’s main hall, referring to Juniper’s initial customer surveys.

Canada is the perfect place to innovate, Amazon’s head of Canadian advertising says

“I was worried that driving innovation here would be more difficult and that things here moved to slowly. I thought I would be asked to execute plans that someone else had already drawn up,” the head of Amazon’s advertising business in Canada told a packed hall at DX3 Canada’s opening keynote in Toronto.


With passion for consumer and digital marketing, technological innovation and communications, Eric Mercer is classically trained in consumer marketing at Procter & Gamble Company and has worked with global organizations such as Red Bull, Wal-Mart and Estee Lauder.

Amazon Canada says ‘secret sauce’ to success is a customer-first focus

Amazon Canada’s advertising manager says big brands need to start thinking more like upstarts to succeed in online sales

Shopping In Your Driverless Rideshare & Other Things To Expect From DX3 2018

DX3 is Canada’s largest annual digital marketing, retail, and advertising conference. It essentially merges the worlds of tech and consumerism in innovative and game-changing new ways by merging the diverse worlds of promising new start-ups with CEOs from established media and tech giants in a conference that’s so much more than a networking opportunity.

Preview: What not to miss at DX3 2018

From a workshop on VR, AR and MR to a fully-functional 'store of the future', this year's DX3 promises a look into the most innovative concepts and technologies impacting the world of retail marketing.

LG Electronics, iGotcha Media to display VR stress management solution

LG Electronics Canada Inc. and iGotcha Media plan to exhibit the WellVR stress management application at the DX3 show in Toronto, March 6 and 7. The solution uses three LG 65 OLED displays, a HTC Vive virtual reality headset and a Muse "brain sensing" headband, according to a press release.

Still Time to Register for DX3 Conference, March 7-8

There’s still time to register for the extremely popular Dx3 conference that will be taking place March 7-8 at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre. There are many reasons to attend — there will be extensive networking opportunities, as well as learning opportunities from a remarkable roster of speakers that rarely speak elsewhere.

DX3 Conference Releases Impressive 2018 Speaker Lineup

The popular DX3 conference is happening again next month in Toronto on March 7 and 8, and registration is now open. DX3 has released an impressive roster of speakers from companies and brands including Amazon, Twitter, Google, Snapchat, Uber, Element AI, and others.

What do car buyers pay attention to in the showroom?

During the DX3 conference earlier this year, Toyota created a simulated showroom and invited 92 participants to explore it while wearing eye-tracking glasses from research firm Tobii Pro Insight.

DX3 Highlights: a look at the future of technology and digital experience across marketing and retail

With technology now a standard part of our lives, wherever we go, innovators are working harder than ever to keep up with evolving consumer expectations. Innovators are realizing that it is not the technology itself that matters to the average consumer, but the quality of experience that a digital product or service offers them.

DX3 Canada Wrap Up – How VR Is Shaping Current Markets

I had a chance to get an all access pass to the most recent DX3 Canada conference for digital marketing and innovation. I wanted to go to see what kind of synergy VR Vision could have with modern companies and utilize our expertise and technology to help advance business. I came armed with a pocket full of business cards, my mind, and a venti grande from Starbucks to keep the motor running.

Coffee with a Guru | Building A Community with DX3

It was truly a wonderful experience at DX3 this year. Highlights from the event include Coffee with a Guru, part of the DX3 Ambassador Program, and a variety of interactive booths that everyone couldn’t help taking lots of pictures of. The 2-day immersive experience connected visitors to cutting edge technology and innovations, and a community of digital marketers that continues to grow strongly.

Missed DX3 Canada 2017? Here’s a Recap

2 days, 50 speakers, 5 interactive labs, 100 exhibitors and thousands of attendees- DX3 was yet again a mecca for the best and the brightest in the Canadian digital space. Attendees and exhibitors gathered in downtown Toronto to learn from industry experts and interact with the latest technology that’s shaping behaviours across the marketplace.

The Art of Using Free Coffee & DIY Donut Bars to Grow Your First 1000 Customers — and why VR is awesome

A 2-day tech/digital experience conference event: DX3 held in Toronto Metro Convention Centre. That’s it. The product sold itself and I signed up for it in a jiffy upon getting notified by my good cousin. Just the thought of feeling the pulse of the industry is a good mindful moment to knowing more about what excites me in making the next career move: tech.

Tips From Some of Canada’s Greatest Intrapreneurs

We jump at any chance we get to learn from great intrapreneurs. That’s why we were thrilled when Symbility Intersect’s own Amber Foucault moderated a panel at the Dx3 conference in Toronto featuring some of Canada’s best intrapreneurs and focussed on how big enterprise companies can drive innovation.


Last week, DX3 connected over 4,000 people for its annual technology, digital marketing, and retail conference. Over two days, the conference connected people through panels, speeches, and a jam-packed show floor with the goal of finding intersections between varying industries.

DX3 2017: altima° & Tough Mudder in Toronto

Last week Rudy Abidbol and I had the pleasure of participating in Toronto's DX3 2017. It was a great couple day of bumping shoulders with the area’s brightest digital marketing minds, both established and aspiring. We learned a lot from presenters representing organizations like Walmart, LCBO, Sears, and more.

Four fresh innovation tips Canadian retailers can steal from the food industry

Disruption, as always, was on the menu at Toronto’s annual DX3 conference on Thursday. A session on food retailing featured Loblaw, McDonald's Canada and Ritual, a Toronto startup whose customers can pre-order and pre-pay for meals and drinks at participating eateries online or via a mobile app.

Overview of technology solutions at the DX3 Canada Conference 2017

Toronto – This year’s DX3 Canada Conference continued its discussion on merging technology with business, retail, marketing, and customer loyalty solutions. Focused on harnessing data and analytics, optimizing commerce, using technology creatively and building loyalty across various customer demographics, the event had lots of ground to cover

DX3 Toronto 2017 – A digital showcase showdown

DX3 Toronto 2017, Canada’s leading technology, digital marketing, and retail conference just wrapped up and things were buzzing- and not just because of all the tech gear being shopped around. At the Metro Toronto Convention Centre powerhouse brands like Toyota and MasterCard shared space with newer, innovative brands like Shopify and Paypal

Virtual reality games can be educational too

Many tech companies have been quick to adopt virtual reality as the natural evolution of games. But these games can be educational as well. And Jeremy Friedberg, co-founder and partner of Spongelab Interactive, has made it his mission to show game-based learning really works.

DX3 – Yappn About Translation, eCommerce & Other Cool Stuff

DX3, which has been an annual part of the Toronto business scene for the past six years, is a combination technology lab, networking event, learning, and new products and services exhibition. Major brands and agencies will be there and of course retailers exploring the latest ‘n’ greatest in clicks ‘n’ bricks.

DX3 Canada spotlights digital marketing, advertising and retail

DX3, Canada’s largest digital marketing, advertising and retail conference, comes to the Metro Toronto Convention Centre on March 8 and 9. An interactive exhibit, ‘The Seamless Shopping Experience’ will feature demonstrations by Shopify, Monteris, Interac and Beehivr and will focus on how companies can leverage solution to meet the needs of today’s consumer.

The Future of Retail is Empowering Consumers

DX3 Canada is back for its sixth and most interactive year at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre on March 8 and 9. The two-day conference -- Canada's largest in digital marketing, advertising and retail -- is open to brands, retailers, agencies and publishers alike, who will be the first in Canada to see leading retail and marketing innovations.

DX3 conference provides exceptional networking opportunities

DX3 launched the Innovation Challenge after identifying the trend towards online retailers opening brick-and-mortar stores (such as Warby Parker, Frank + Oak and Indochino).

DX3's Retail Innovation Challenge Invite Top Startups To Pitch RCC, Debut at Ofxford Properties-Owned Mall

DX3 Canada is partnering with real estate developer and investor Oxford Properties Group; retail futurist Doug Stephens, known for is work at Retail Prophet; and the Retail Council of Canada (RCC) to launch the Canadian Retail Innovation Challenge.

Rise of the robots: How retailers are planning on using cutting-edge technology to get customers into stores

People show seven clear emotions on their faces: joy, surprise, disgust, sadness, fear, anger and neutrality. You might run through all of them waiting in a long line at Walmart on a Saturday morning.

DX3 Canada 2016: Highlights

On March 2nd and 3rd DX3 took place again at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre. DX3 is Canada’s largest digital marketing, digital advertising and digital retail conference and trade show. The convention brings together agencies, publishers, brands and retailers for two days of networking and education.

DX3 Canada 2016: Recap

DX3 2016 was, in many ways, the same show as last year and a totally new show altogether. The crowd that rolled through the doors and up the escalators looked to be about the same size as last year, but the changes we noticed from 2015 to 2016 mirrored the changes we’ve seen in the Canadian ecommerce industry – Canada is finally arriving on the ecommerce and digital scene.

Are Bots the New Apps? DX3 Showcases Robotics, AI for Marketing Space

Robots and artificially intelligent software programs were the stars at this year’s DX3, Canada’s largest digital marketing conference and trade show. “We’re literally at the beginning of the robotics age,” said Jeff Zajac, CEO of Vaughan-based Solus Robots, “Robots are going to permeate every area of our lives.”

Three lessons on the changing agency model

A group of executives from agencies of varying sizes got together at the DX3 Canada conference in Toronto to discuss what is and isn’t working, what needs to change, and what clients and agencies could be doing better.


Since DX3 started five years ago, it’s attracted some of the best thinkers in the digital industry. Throughout this time, the startup scene in Canada has grown immensely, and innovation and authenticity have become common buzzwords at tech conferences where every speaker promises to reveal the “secret sauce” to become the next Elon Musk or Steve Jobs.

The Sense-Making Secrets of IDEO's Managing Director

The trend report was very clear: surfing was becoming a big deal in the 1990s and brands needed to find a way to get on the action. Neil Stevenson sounds like he’s smiling ruefully over the phone as he remembers it.

10 Reasons Not To Go To DX3 2015

It’s that time of the year again, DX3 time, the time of the year when the good people of DX3 try to pry us out of the warmth of our winter hibernations with the promise of “Canada’s largest conference and trade show dedicated to digital marketing, digital advertising and digital retail [bringing] agencies, brands, publishers and retailers together for two days of networking and education” on March 11 & 12 at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre

Canadian Retail Innovation Challenge – The Finalists DX3 Canada

DX3 Canada, Oxford Properties Group, Retail Prophet and Retail Council of Canada partnered up to launch the Canadian Retail Innovation Challenge, in search for Canada’s most innovative retail start-ups. Six finalists, including dubdub, have been selected to showcase and pitch their business concepts to industry leaders for a chance to demo their technology at the premium Oxford Shopping Centre, Yorkdale.

Dx3 2016

Now in its fifth year, DX3 defines how Canadian businesses need to get more digital and why it's more critical than ever to act. The DX3 Sessions will deliver the best companies and brands in the world - including IDEO, WeWork, Best Buy and Waze - describing how Canadians can be informed, inspired and ready for the challenges facing them in 2016 and beyond.


It was an exciting two days at this year’s DX3 conference, held at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre from March 8-9. The event featured a wide range of attendees, speakers, and exhibitors from Canada’s leading technology, digital marketing, and retail firms.

DX3 2017: Retail Tech Event, Toronto

Key topics at this Toronto-based trade show - Canada's foremost digital marketing, tech and retail event - focused on how holographic 'content' and virtual reality (VR) can expand retailers' visual and contextual horizons.

Come Meet iProspect at Canada's Largest Conference Dedicated to Digital Marketing

DX3 is Canada’s largest conference and trade show dedicated to digital marketing, digital advertising and digital retail. It brings agencies, brands, publishers and retailers together for two days of networking and education.