DX3 is turning 10 in the middle of the world’s greatest digital acceleration.

It has been a tumultuous time for us all, and yet it has been also the most exciting for those of us in the technology space. We have seen some of our alumni brands shoot to the stars while others have been adapting and evolving. We have seen the rapid growth of small brands, the stumbling of giants, and everything in between. Over the past 10 years, DX3 has always been committed to the nexus of retail, marketing, and technology, and for our 10th annual event, we are taking it a step further. Presenting - DX3 Season 10 with 56+ episodes streaming on March 2-5. This season we will explore, what will the future look like post pandemic? Today we are looking forward to what our transformative retail and marketing sectors will look like beyond 2020. The retail landscape is evolving - success of the brand is no longer limited to the depth and breadth of inventory but instead has expanded into creating a safe and long-lasting experience for consumers. Buyers are looking for a more tailored and personalized experience, and marketing plays a crucial role in spreading this message. Emerging technologies help to understand the data with analytical tools, navigate logistics, and enhance user experience. Technology is playing a critical role in reshaping the retail and media landscape in these changing times.



We are excited to share that DX3 2021 will be completely virtual.  

Everyone who registers for the event can watch the livestream of our episodes through our virtual platform, or watch on-demand afterwards. Our platform is available on desktop and mobile app, providing you with diverse engagement options: Connect with other event attendees, exhibitors, and speakers. Engage - Post pictures, rate speakers and sessions Stay up-to-date - Updated agendas, speaker line-up, exhibitor list and floor plan!

Plus: We may even send out important notifications on the day of the event through the app


Want to know what top retailers are doing TODAY to succeed?

This content stream is packed with expert insights from leaders who shape the retail industry. Hear from some of the most innovative retail professionals as well as tech experts who help retailers be successful.

With 22 episodes, including 2 keynotes, this is THE place to be for anyone in the retail space who wants to move up in their career and grow their company.


Learn how top marketers break through the noise! Hear from marketing leaders who know what it takes to build successful brands and run campaigns that do well.
Over the course of 20 episodes, including 2 keynotes, hear their stories, case studies, best tips, and take part in interactive panel discussions, so that you can take home a new perspective and actions to take your marketing skills to the next level.

Plus: You’ll even get to discover some of the latest innovations transforming the industry.


Explore the generational approach to consumer segmentation, and identify the generations that are most important to you. Understand generational buying behaviours and their lifestyle preferences Discover the very best insights, thought-leadership, case studies, and technologies, towards retailing and marketing to these upcoming generations. Learn how to use and implement new tools, channels, and strategies towards success in the generational approach to retail and marketing. This is the ONLY event that will look at these three generations in terms of their retail and marketing preferences in a post-COVID world.


Discover for yourself, what the latest in retail and marketing innovation has to offer at this ongoing virtual exhibition! Uncover new and clever concepts and solutions that can help you take your company to the next level. Have fun and explore the booths and offerings. Make meaningful connections with fellow retailers, marketers, and tech professionals. And make sure to soak up skills at the DX3 Studio as well!


Enjoy a variety of learning offerings and formats every afternoon at DX3 2021.

DX3 TALKS will include roundtables, workshops, whirlpools, hot takes, and other interactive and intimate virtual sessions, designed to give you actionable advice to help you thrive as a professional and grow your business.

They are all about HOW TO implement strategies, new concepts, products, and expert advice. This amazing feature takes place after the main episodes of each day.

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DX3 2021 speaking faculty will give you industry insights on key focused areas; Retail, Marketing, and Technology.

They will share their challenges and opportunities on how to build a brand and be relevant in this competitive environment. Explore trending and futuristic technology leaders and solution providers through the virtual exhibition.

We urge you to take in as much as you can from our latest season. This is what you can expect at DX3 2021: Content, more streamlined and structured around three streams of content, based on the Retail Summit, Marketing & Innovation Summit, and Generational Summit, with over 200 industry thought leaders and experts.

Plan your binge this spring. See you at DX3 2021. 


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