DX3 2020 Features



Want to know what top retailers are doing TODAY to succeed?

This two day conference is packed with expert insights from leaders who shape the retail industry.

Hear from some of the most innovative retail professionals as well as tech experts who help retailers do what they do best.

This is THE place to be for anyone in the retail space who wants to move up in their career and grow their company.

Check out the agenda and speakers!


Discover how top marketers break through the noise! Hear from marketing leaders who know what it takes to build successful brands and run campaigns that do well. That's what every marketer is looking for, right?

Hear their stories, case studies, best tips, and take part in interactive panel discussions, so that you can bring home a new perspective and actions to take your marketing skills to the next level.

Plus: You'll even get to discover some of the latest innovations transforming the industry.

Check out the agenda and speakers!



Experience it for yourself, what the latest in retail and marketing innovation has to offer at this large two-day exhibition!

Discover new and clever concepts and solutions that can help you take your company to the next level.

Have fun and explore interactive displays and experiential retail labs.

Make meaningful connections with fellow retailers, marketers, and tech professionals.

And make sure to soak up advice at the DX3 TALKS as well!

Check out the exhibitors and the DX3 TALKS agenda!


This amazing feature takes place on the show floor and is free for anyone to attend with either a Show Floor Pass or any of the All-Access Passes.

Taking place on two different stages on the show floor and running for two days, these interactive workshops are designed to give you actionable advice to help you thrive as a professional and grow your business.

They are all about HOW TO implement strategies, new concepts, products and expert advice.

Check out the DX3 TALKS agenda!


Passen will be showcasing their digital measurement platform on the DX3 2020 Show Floor, creating real 3D profiles for interested participants and demonstrating how their platform is revolutionizing the way that consumers connect with brands, bridging the gap between physical and digital commerce.

Try this innovative experience yourself on the Show Floor. Find them at booth 201.


Also a brand new feature for DX3 Canada, enjoy a refreshing and relaxing time at our wellness zone.

Hoame invites you to join them at the Wellness Zone for a bit of calm in the chaos of DX3. Enjoy a sampling of Hoame’s cutting edge and innovative classes. Explore 15 minute meditations paired with reiki, acupuncture, crystals and/or essential oils.

ALSO: Open to all DX3 participants:

Director X will hold a MEDITATION and MINDFULLNESS session on day one. AND:

Founder and Chief Evangelism Officer at Muse will speak about “How to Build a Positive Mindset and Overcome Negativity” on the Marketing & Innovation Summit stage on day one as well.

Both of those sessions will be open to all DX3 participants, also those with Show Floor tickets.

For more info, check the agenda within the brochure.


As a brand new feature for DX3 Canada, we are putting together a food pavilion where you will be able to sample different snacks and treats and even purchase to bring home some of the tastiest food Toronto has to offer.

If you know someone who would like to showcase and sell their tasty packaged food at DX3,with more than 3000 attendees, then kindly send us an email at info@dx3canada.com

Download The EVENT Brochure

We’re excited to share that DX3 2020 will have its own EVENT APP.

Everyone who registers for the event will get access to the app by downloading it on their phone and logging in with the email they registered to the event with.

Features of the app:

Connect with other event attendees, exhibitors, and speakers

Engage - Post pictures, rate speakers and sessions

Stay up-to-date - Updated agendas, speaker line-up, exhibitor list and floor plan!

Plus: We may even send out important notifications on the day of the event through the app.

Once you have been added to the app participant list, we will send an email with a link to download the app!


DX3 offers a unique opportunity to meet, connect and learn from experts within retail, marketing and tech. And to discover new, helpful, innovative and exciting technology.

Our speakers are generous in sharing their insights and sought after knowledge. And we truly believe we have the best combination of experts, all within the same event.

LEARN FROM EXPERTS - Both the conferences and the DX3 Talks offer a unique opportunity to learn from some of the most successful brands and professionals.

DISCOVER NEW PRODUCTS, TECH AND CONCEPTS - DX3's large show floor is the perfect place to discover new innovations and find out what can work for your business and for you as a professional by speaking with helpful and engaging experts from the companies themselves.

NETWORK WITH NEW FRIENDS, BUSINESS ASSOCIATES AND COLLEAGUES - There are lots of opportunities to network at DX3, from simply meeting people on the Show Floor, connecting with speakers and workshop presenters, exhibitors, and even using the EVENT APP to message others. You may even post and share your experience with the rest of DX3.

CONNECT WITH PEOPLE, COMPANIES AND ORGANIZATIONS - Whether you are looking to advance your career, thrive as a professional or help take your business to the next level, there are people, companies and organizations participating at DX3 that may very well be able to help you!

Plus, there will be FREE WIFI within the whole event space and even FREE COFFEE at two cool and relaxing lounge areas.

DX3 offers a unique full and exciting two-day opportunity to learn, connect and discover, and it only takes place once a year.

Make sure you join us this year!

DX3 2020's Theme: Growth

The DX3 2020 event is all about GROWTH, on all levels, personal, professional and in your business:

Personal - Director X will be holding a meditation session that may help in finding a calm, healthy head-space, reducing stress and staying focused.

Professional - DX3 Talks are workshops designed to show you HOW TO use and implement new ideas, strategies and tools, for you to bring home and help you excel as a professional.

Business - Get perspective, new ideas, and learn what leading businesses are doing to be successful at the Retail Summit and Marketing & Innovation Summit.

And on top of that, DX3 2020 is an amazing place to meet like-minded people, connect with industry leaders and GROW your network of people who may help and inspire your next steps.

You never know what doors this may open, for you to grow personally, professionally and grow your business.