DX3 2025

How are retailers and brands handling uncertainty?
With global economic upheaval, it is important to understand how we can prepare for a future where rapid changes and shocks may continue with greater frequency.

Despite challenging headwinds, some brands are thriving
What are their secrets to surviving, increasing profitability and growing market share? How can we adopt new strategies, tactics and refocus tried-and-tested best practices to catapult our brands forward?

At this year's DX3 Canada, from March 4 - 5th, 2025, we will explore what the transformative retail and marketing sectors will look like in a more resilient, innovative and technologically-driven world.

From resiliency in supply chains, to leveraging AI to drive growth, to marketing in an increasingly chaotic world, retail leaders need more than ever to have trusted sources of information. Find this and more with other reputed retail and marketing leaders at DX3 Canada 2025!



Find out what top retailers are doing today to succeed!

This summit is packed with expert insights from leaders who shape the retail industry.Hear from some of the most innovative retail professionals and tech experts who help retailers do what they do best.

This is the place to be for anyone in the retail space who wants to move up in their career and grow their company.


Discover how top marketers are breaking through the noise! Hear from marketing leaders who have built successful brands and run breakthrough campaigns that have supercharged their brands' growth.

From their stories, case studies, best tips, and taking part in interactive panel discussions, you can bring home new perspectives and actions to take your marketing skills to the next level.


Get up to speed on what's powering retailers' and marketers' success, from industry titans to up-and-coming challengers.

Experience the latest technology and innovation for yourself! This exhibition floor features the who's who of retail and marketing technology.

Don't get left behind—instead, learn from experts, with hands-on workshops hosted by experts on the floor.


Enjoy a variety of learning offerings and formats every afternoon at Dx3 Canada.

Dx3 Talks are designed to give you actionable advice to help you thrive as a professional and grow your business.

They are all about the how to: implementing strategies, new concepts, products, and expert advice.

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DX3 2025 Theme:
gROWTH AND Resiliency

We invite you to immerse yourself fully in DX3 Canada's newest season: this year is all about growth and resiliency.

At this year's DX3 Canada, anticipate two days packed with insights from leaders in both our Retail Technology and Amazon Ads Marketing Innovation tracks. (Plus, take a peek at our sister-conference, Metaverse Canada, happening next door!)

Dive deep into industry insights as experts discuss the challenges and opportunities of brand building in today's difficult and competitive landscape; embark on a journey with the people building the retail & marketing technologies that will power the future.

Featuring 2000+ speakers, newsworthy topics and unparalleled networking, you'll want to mark your calendar for this spring and register now.

We look forward to welcoming you at DX3 2025!

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