Christine Cruz-Clarke




Balzac's Coffee Roasters

Christine Cruz-Clarke, CEO of Balzac’s Coffee Ltd. is a purpose-driven leader known for her magnetic and inspirational leadership style, and catalyzing change. Her outcome-focused approach and ability to build resilient, motivated teams, have become her secret for achieving commercial success and unlocking growth.

With over 20 years of experience across multiple sectors including Consumer Packaged Goods, Hospitality, Sustainability, and Management Consulting, Christine is familiar with the challenges faced by teams and organizations, large and small. Having led cross-cultural teams in Canada, Europe, and the UK, she embraces the diversity of thought in service of connecting with people and navigating complex challenges.

In 2021, Christine left the world of multinational CPG where she cultivated global brands for Mars, Wrigley, Hershey and Kraft, with a desire to make an impact on the Canadian Food & Beverage landscape. Today, Christine leads Balzac’s Coffee Ltd, a specialty coffee company founded in 1993 and inspired by the Grand Cafés of Paris. With a network of cafés across Southwestern Ontario and a fast-growing retail presence, Balzac’s fuels millions of moments to savour and is enjoyed by Canadians nationwide.  

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