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Meet Oludotun Oyebolu, affectionately known as Dots, a seasoned Podcast Marketer and Marketing Strategist. With a career rooted in digital marketing and analytics, Dots began his journey during the internet boom of 2005. Having honed his skills as a digital marketing director in Nigeria, he moved to Canada in 2019, bringing his expertise to businesses worldwide.

Dots is not just a strategist; he's a connector of "dots," a title earned for his ability to see the bigger picture. A graduate of Columbia Business School's executive program, Dots has mastered various facets of D2C and B2B industries, from conversion generation to marketing intelligence.

His impact speaks volumes. He led Clickspace Digital to surpass $170,000 in ARR in 2021 as a one-person business unit. At ARM, his customer retention campaigns consistently brought in over $1 million in quarterly investment deposits. At Content Allies, he drives cutting-edge podcast marketing strategies, contributing around $3 million in ARR. Now, he is changing the game with Listen Network, one of the fastest-growing Adtech companies in the market and the leader in in-stream and out-stream Podcast Advertising Attribution for brands worldwide.

Beyond his roles at Listen Network and Content Allies, Dots is steering projects like Dotslovesmarketing where he hosts the "Marketing Leadership Podcast" and writes on PhD-level marketing strategy.

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