Gautham Pingali


EVP, Performance and Innovation



Gautham Pingali, EVP, Performance and Innovation, is a data-driven business strategist focusing on leveraging marketing technology, brand development and consumer behaviour analysis to deliver business results that matter. He has worked across numerous markets, including Asia, Africa and now Canada, and has had the benefit of working across categories like CPG, finance, insurance, luxury, and auto. His experience has allowed him to develop a problem-solving ability leveraging marketing to contextualize for a market’s uniqueness, while delivering business results. He has led the strategic planning and deployment of technology for brand and marketing efforts, solving for complexities across consumer and market nuances.\

Gautham’s passion remains his desire to innovate and deploy new solutions to tackle challenges in new ways. Whether it’s the development of a martech stack, integrated media planning, or ROI modelling, he is always seeking to understand to provide a significant differentiated approach.

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