Gerrit Stuchtey


Director Customer Experience


Arvato Systems

Gerrit Stuchtey is the Director of Customer Experience at Arvato Systems North America. In this role, he leads the Customer Experience & Strategy practice, assisting clients in the Consumer Products and manufacturing industry to develop state-of-the-art CX solutions. His expertise lies in designing solutions around leading providers of CX products such as Microsoft or SAP integrating them with best-of-breed solutions like CoreMedia CMS, Kibo Commerce, and Aroma OMS by Arvato Systems. Prior to this role, Gerrit spent several years as a Senior Consultant at Arvato Systems in Germany, where he gained valuable experience in implementing systems for retail clients. His project work involved deploying solutions that optimized inventory management, streamlined order processing, and enhanced customer engagement across various retail channels. Gerrit’s deep understanding of eCommerce dynamics and his ability to tailor technology solutions to meet the unique needs of retail businesses have been instrumental in driving successful projects.

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