Lexi Miles Corrin


Founder & CEO


WAXON Laser + Waxbar

Lexi Miles Corrin is an inspiring and empowering entrepreneur. The Founder and CEO of WAXON Laser + Waxbar is committed to empowering everyone who walks through those doors: from clients, to employees, to franchise owners. Over the past decade, Lexi has grown WAXON into a successful franchise with more than 20 locations across Canada. At the core of her business success, is a mentor and leadership program built on authenticity, consistency, and vulnerability. Her growing business also includes South, a line of intimate skin care products. As the mother of four children, Lexi shares what it truly takes to “have it all” through keynotes, podcast appearances, and as co-host of the popular “We Go There” podcast. Lexi is a champion for women who want to pursue their dreams, by showing how to build confidence, grow wealth, and forge their own path.

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