Miriam Feldman


Partner, Retail + Digital Practice



Miriam is a Partner and the leader of the retail practice at fishRecruit. With a solid foundation in retail gained from her previous role as a senior leader in the industry, Miriam brings valuable knowledge to the world of recruitment. She has played a pivotal role in fostering the growth of well-known global and local retail clients across North America by strategically building high-performing teams with top-notch retail talent. Her industry expertise fueled her client first mentality, and she intimately understands the behind the scenes of retail. She is just as wildly passionate about hearing people’s journeys, and finding the sweet spot to fuse client needs with candidate aspirations.

Miriam has established herself as the national leader within retail recruitment, boasting an ever-expanding track record of successful placements. Outside the office, you'll often find Miriam at the mall, both locally and abroad, where she passionately dedicates her time to staying immersed in the dynamic retail market.

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