Nik Djukic-Walker


Executive Director, Global Business Solutions



Nik Djukic-Walker is a seasoned leader in the digital media industry with over 15 years of experience. Throughout his career, he has held key roles across tech platforms, exchange networks, and premium publishers, driving digital adoption and excellence in an ever-changing digital economy.

Nik's career highlights include being a key contributor in the launch of BBC Digital, Instagram, and Exchange Lab, one of Canada's first independent trade desks. He also played a critical role in building TikTok into the world's leading entertainment platform with over 1 billion monthly active users globally, as one of the first leaders hired to open TikTok in Canada.

As the Executive Director, Global Business Solutions for TikTok in Canada, Nik is dedicated to building a world-class media team and helping businesses discover the full potential of TikTok to ignite growth and exceed their business goals. He is a trailblazer who has helped shape the digital media landscape and is committed to helping others achieve their full potential in this exciting and dynamic industry.

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