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Pino Di Ioia (McGill MBA ’93) was 11 when he started his first venture; selling soft drinks and salvaged golf balls at a neighborhood course. At the age of 19, his passion for entrepreneurialism landed him a position as manager with BeaverTails Pastry ( Shortly afterwards, while completing his MBA, Pino bought the store he was managing as the chain’s first franchise. Pino and his twin brother Anthony eventually went on to become the first Master Franchisees for the company, opening a total of 48 stores within the province of Quebec. In 2009 they purchased a majority interest in the company from the founder and are now overseeing worldwide growth. Pino is CEO and co-owner for BeaverTails Canada inc., franchisor of 195+ shops throughout Canada in the US, Qatar, Mexico, and France. Along with his wife and twin brother he has also launched moozoo creamery ( Pino lives in Montreal with his wife Tina, and their three adopted children: daughter Lucca and their sons Kai and Max… as well as their dog Milo. Work continues to be an adventure between fun walks and lots of cooking experiments with the kids…

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