Seema Sanghavi




Cooks Who Feed

As the founder of Cooks Who Feed, Seema is passionate about creating a better world by fighting hunger sustainably. The social enterprise ethically produces kitchen textiles with a give-back model, providing meals to alleviate hunger. Their flagship product, canvas aprons, provides 100 meals for every apron sold. In partnership with charities and NGOs, Cooks Who Feed is on a mission to empower food lovers to take action for a hunger-free world. To date, Cooks Who Feed has provided over 1.6 million meals.

In addition to her career, Seema loves to cook, eat, and travel off the beaten track. Seema has travelled extensively and has worked in various countries including Canada, the UK, Belgium, The Netherlands, and India. Seema considers herself to be an amateur chef and enjoys taking cooking courses in different countries to learn the local cuisine and cooking techniques.

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