Stephen Bailey




John Fluevog Shoes

Born to nomadic parents, Stephen was frequently the new kid in town, thus forcing him into marketing at an early age.

After further travel, schooling at UVIC and McGill, and a few great employers, Stephen has spent the last 18 years on client side, charged with telling the world about John Fluevog's unique soles for unique souls. Fluevog is a 53 year old, independent, Canadian footwear brand that now has 26 company owned stores in Canada, the US, Australia and the Netherlands, and the world's greatest fan base of Fluevogers. With his incredible team, he works primarily on branding, communications, ecommerce, retail strategy, partnerships and all of the best omnis.
Stephen lives in Vancouver with his lovely wife and their two horrible children, and enjoys soccer, coaching and writing in the third person.

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