Yazeed Yasin


Co-founder and CEO



Yazeed is a former Marketing industry executive turned entrepreneur who co-founded NanaShake along with his wife in 2016 and currently also serves as the company’s CEO. Originally Toronto’s first dedicated vegan ice cream parlor, NanaShake has evolved into a CPG brand with a very clear mission: to shake up the world of ice cream with delicious, healthy and nutritious alternatives that are mainly sweetened with a base of organic bananas. Their first line of ice cream alternatives, NanaPops, have been dubbed Smoothie-on-a-Stick by customers due to how healthy and nutritious they are and have won the UNFI Pitch Slam Competition as well as the Sobeys Local Innovation Award in 2022. In addition to enabling members of the extended community to satisfy their ice cream craving while fueling their bodies with essential nutrients, NanaShake is proud to also be tackling the sustainable development goals of good health and well-being as well as responsible consumption and production.

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