11:30 am



Keynote: Beyond the Product: Time and Experience as the Ultimate Brand Currency

  • With ever-growing market competition in the retail industry, it’s become clear that time and experience – not just products – are the ultimate brand currency. We believe brand value is customer-driven, created by the time our customers spend with us and the experiences they’ve had. This keynote will focus on how brands and organizations succeed when they compete for time and experience by rallying completely around the customer end-to-end journey, paying special attention to the micro moments that deliver moments of transformation, a-ha, or delight.
  • Understand the shift towards customer-driven brand equity, where the time customers spend with you and their experiences are your most valuable assets.
  • Uncover the strategies that encapsulate the entire customer journey, focusing on competing for customers' time and enriching their experiences to foster loyalty and drive success.

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