Abraham Lieberman


CEO and Founder


Clicks Talent

Abraham “AB” Lieberman is the CEO and Founder of Clicks Talent, an influencer & marketing agency specializing in promoting new social media platforms.

At the age of 18, Abraham served as a First Class – Staff Sergeant in the Israeli military in charge of munitions safety and usage in Israel’s Southern District. In his downtime, he started working as a freelance social media consultant for new social media apps. Abraham gave them insight into the US culture and how to best capture millennials and Generation Z’s attention by recruiting influencers to create content on the apps he consulted. After two years of working in this industry, he noticed how so many creators and influencers had yet to maximize their talent in promoting social media apps.. That is when inspiration hit! At 21 years old and after three years in the military, he decided to open up his own company. His #1 goal was to support & advocate for his creators, give them a place to grow and learn, and ensure they would be fairly compensated for the content they created. At the same time, he noticed how many social platforms struggled with having content produced for their apps and decided to bridge the gap between the influencers he was helping and the apps that were asking for help. Five months after he left the military and started working on the idea of Clicks talent, he decided it was time for a formal education.

Abraham began studying for his Bachelor’s degree in Business & Marketing at the prestigious IDC University in Herzliya, Israel. Two weeks into the first semester, Abraham was sitting in a class about opportunity cost. He realized that if he continues with his studies he would not be able to give his 100% to his employees and company. He decided to take a break from studies and two months later, he incorporated Clicks Talent as a corporation.

Abraham has spent the past 4 years living in China, Amsterdam, and Los Angeles to better serve his clients.

Abraham currently lives in Israel with his wife and son while running his company. He believes that the best form of education comes from experiencing new cultures and learning about them. In his spare time, he enjoys spending time with friends & family, walks in parks, and watching Youtube videos about random educational topics to enlarge his general knowledge base.

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