Cesar Morales


Marketing Director


Stokes Inc.

Cesar Morales, an accomplished Marketing Director with a 20-year track record in driving results through cross-platform campaigns and retail marketing. Recognized for a creative vision and a customer-centric approach, Cesar excels in marketing strategy, store design, branding, web and social media marketing, email campaigns, SMS, packaging, printing, signage, advertising, promotions, and project management. As a data-driven storyteller, Cesar leverages insights to craft compelling narratives and elevate marketing strategies. With a focus on the end user, Cesar brings a unique blend of creativity and analytical acumen to deliver impactful marketing solutions.

Key Highlights:

  • 20 years of proven experience
  • Expertise in cross-platform campaigns and retail marketing
  • Creative visionary with a keen eye for design
  • Proven ability in building strategic partnerships with other brands
  • Collaborative approach with media and influencers to amplify reach and impact
  • Results-driven leadership focusing on brand visibility and revenue growth

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