David Snyder




PONO Learning Inc.

Raised in Montreal, David learned from a young age the importance of innovation and leadership. His exposure to working in a family-run home furniture and appliance retail business of 57 years, offered insight into what it takes to cultivate determined and capable employees at both the entry and managerial levels.  

Over the past 25 years David has worked in a variety of industries and has been affiliated with some of the top sales organizations in North America.  He’s led two national wireless start-ups, founded a golf distribution company and co-owned both a luxury automotive design company as well as an international consulting and sales training firm.  

This experience working with people at all levels of business, especially in change and growth modes, has made him a subject matter expert in assessing, measuring and coaching people to help them meet aggressive business objectives, all while affirming his theory that “every single one of us is in sales”.  

In 2019, David founded PONO Learning on the principle that “complexity is the enemy of execution”.  His mission is to help companies maximize the ROI on one of their most influential investment: their people.  As he climbed the steps of the sales ladder, David always felt that his leaders and trainers would unnecessarily overcomplicate their message resulting in people’s inability to relate to their reality in the field.  This would cause him to lose interest and ultimately miss the value in what the lesson.  Today, this experience drives him to ensure that PONO Learning educates their clients with authentic, relevant and effective content and direction that can be easily understood, scaled and turned into a repeatable process, quickly.  

Through Performance Coaching, Sales Enablement Programs and Business Consulting Services, David endeavors to inspire integrity and prosperity in all that he does, believing that the key to any behaviour, culture or process change lies in how you inspire and connect with people.

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