Erin Kelly




Advanced Symbolics

Erin Kelly is CEO and co-founder of Advanced Symbolics Inc. (ASI), a company that uses Artificial Intelligence for augmented human behavior research and prediction.

ASI’s patented AI, named “Polly”, is the A.I. for unbiased social media research, as ASI is the only company in the world that can produce randomized, controlled, statistically valid sample populations on social media for audience research.

Polly quickly catapulted to fame in 2016 after correctly predicting both BREXIT and the Trump election and is also well known globally for her work in pandemic prediction, pharmaceutical research and mental health. In the consumer market research space Polly is the AI of choice for leading Fortune 1000 companies including Disney, Mastercard and GM.

Polly was recently featured in the award-winning documentary Margin of Error, which profiles the predictive power of AI and has been shown to audiences throughout North America and Western Europe.

Erin is frequently called on by national and international media for her insights into AI and its future impacts on society.

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