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My name is Giovanni Guardalben. I consider myself a technologist. Primarily, I am an engineer with a CEO role leading Kipcast Srl (Verona) and Kipcast Corp. (Toronto). I coordinate the work of the leaders of the R&D team, the customer services team, the dev-ops team, and the administration/business development team.

After an initial stint of several years as a nuclear safety engineer which opened for me the horizon of complex computational code, I obtained my master’s degree in Computer Science at the University of Toronto. Subsequently, I learned the trade as a computer scientist until I started Hit Software, Inc. in San Jose, California, and at last Kipcast Srl/Corp. both in Verona Italy and Toronto, Canada.

Kipcast is the last embodiment of years of study and experience in data collection, transformation, and delivery. Initially, at Hit Software that meant data collection from legacy, complex IBM SNA processors such as DB2. Then, when XML became the de-facto standard we developed an XML-to SQL platform to make that transition declarative and seamless. At last, at Kipcast our initial mission was to structure the unstructured web to make it processable for content repurposing. And now, with (i.e, our Camel-based cloud service) we can collect and transform any data pertaining to the eCommerce space. This means eCommerce catalogs, product prices, inventories, stores, orders, deliveries, analytics (you name it).

Since integration complexity is always lurking in the background, our goal now is to standardize processes to make integrations reliable and executable in predetermined time estimates. This means acquiring lots of experience and always staying on the lookout for transforming ad-hoc developments into repeatable procedures.

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