Hani Batla





Hani Batla is the CIO/CTO at Adorama, a specialty retailer and ecommerce company based in New York City, dedicated to serving the community of creators and adventurers for almost 50 years. Prior to Adorama, Hani built beautiful products at Verizon, Comcast & Ericsson. At his core, he is an innovative, technical product leader, design focused, data-driven, champion of end-users and creator of innovative technologies.

Hani’s greatest joy comes from being the father of two beautiful girls (ages 11 and 9), and a loving husband. He is a deeply passionate, extremely curious consumer of all things marked “New & Improved” and has loved technology ever since he got his first computer, a Commodore 64, at age 10. In his spare time, he loves to fly drones, cook, drink craft beers, travel, read, watch movies, play Xbox, and indulge his love of Star Wars & all things geek.

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