Stuart Ford


President and Chief Operating Officer



Retail Innovation COO of the Year (UK) 2022: CEO Monthly. Omnichannel strategist, SaaS /ecommerce innovation, new retail models, performance, internationalisation, and scaling. 

Global experience having operated extensively across Australia, Asia, the Americas, the Middle East and Europe with extended periods of immersion in key international markets and more than 25 years business experience.

Stuart Ford has served in senior executive capacities for companies such as Gymboree, Ford Motor Company, Optus Communications, Woolmark and Price Waterhouse Coopers. He has acted as an adviser and portfolio manager for several major equity companies.

He is currently the President and Chief Operating Officer of Dropit Shopping, Dropit is a leading SaaS digital platform start-up in the tech retail ecosystem which provides solutions for shopping centres, retailers, and consumers. For brands and shopping centres, our omnichannel fulfilment platform and industry-first Marketplace unifies retail in-store and online. It creates a brand new, unique sales channel enabling consumers to browse all the brands and products as they would in-person with expedited same/next day delivery, one cart checkout, single shipment. This enables stores to get products from store shelves to the customer faster, exceed expectations and acquire a brand-new sales channel. The Dropit technology platform digitises inventory in store or mall with real-time inventory and smart-sourcing to be served to any ecommerce site, marketplace or app interface. Dropit is helping sustain and unify retail.

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