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Highstreet.io is a data management platform.
Through the creation and optimization of product data flows (product feeds, API integration, etc.), Highstreet.io helps brands to:
● optimize the distribution of product feeds to all marketing channels to maximize the performance of your ADV activities to generate traffic on your e-commerce.
● create feeds for Google's Local Inventory ADS (LIA) campaigns used to promote physical store inventory for purchase offline (drive-to-store).
● distribute and sell products on marketplaces, synchronizing catalogs, prices, inventory, and orders, integrating them with clients’ ERP systems.

Highstreet.io distributes more than 1.5 Billion products to more than 40 markets in 10 languages every day for some of the most famous Italian and International brands.

We work with the most important global digital marketing partners including Google, Facebook, Affiliate Networks and Marketplaces (Amazon, eBay, Zalando, TargetPlus, Macy’s, Belk,Cabelas, The Bay, etc.), Marketplace Technology Platforms (Mirakl, Commerce Hub,Dsco, etc.) Price Comparison sites, Shopping Channels, Social Commerce Channels, and Retargeting Services.

We help digital marketers achieve their goals without burdening internal IT resources.
Among brands, retailers, and agencies we work with, our clients include Brownsshoes, Prada, Moncler, Timberland, Kipling, Eastpak, The North Face, Vans, Browns, Diesel, and many others.

Accuracy of data and attention to customer support are distinguishing features of the Highstreet.io service.


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