Dx3 Partners

UGC SHOP is a studio and community of over 10,000 creating TikToks and reels for various brands, apps, and services like Bumble, Badoo, Candy Crush, DivaCup, Revolut, N26, PXG, Amazon Photos, etc. We cast the right creators, come up with the creative concepts, and work with our professional creators to make impactful videos used for paid ads, social media, Amazon listings, etc. Our creators specialize in META and TikTok and have the ability to produce content in English, French, Spanish, Italian, Dutch, German, Turkish, Portuguese, and Arabic. Beyond content creation, we offer professional studio content for basic e-commerce shoots or model campaigns. We also offer a unique staffing solution for companies looking to invest in building their in-house content creation teams where we match companies with creators looking for part-time and full-time opportunities.