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3 Canadian Retailers providing an Outstanding Omnichannel Experience


One of the key ingredients for becoming a great brand with a loyal customer base is having multiple points of connectivity in terms of advertising and reaching the consumer. In a world where an omnichannel presence has become the norm, brands are competing to reach the most customers while providing a personalized and seamless online to offline experience.

Here are 3 Canadian brands who have mastered their omnichannel approach.

1. Frank and Oak

Founded in 2012, Frank and Oak is a clothing brand that originally offered most of its merchandise online and at their flagship location in Montreal. With a slick magazine-like interface and a fashion sense that got the attention of publications such as Esquire and GQ, they introduced a mobile app in 2013. The mobile app significantly contributed to increased customer engagement and reportedly a of a quarter million people downloaded it in the first year alone. In 2015, the company topped Deloitte’s Canadian Technology Fast 50, with a four-year revenue growth rate of 18,480%.They currently have 16 locations across Canada, including pop-ups, and advertise via email marketing and social media using successful targeted video ads. In 2015, CEO Ethan Song reportedly said that  “Brand ads drive sales not indirectly through some vague potential purchase at some point in the future, but with actual clicks and dollars spent.”Online user profile data is also used to provide a customized experience that’s culturally relevant. Song says that the value Frank & Oak offers is more than just providing products at competitive prices; it also provides style advice and inspiration that’s culturally relevant for its 25 to 35 year old demographic. “We’re able to provide a unique experience where we become our customers’ advisor.”

2. Saje Natural Wellness

Saje is a Vancouver based brand and a homegrown success story. Founded in 1992, Saje’s mission is to help people feel better by introducing them to the healing power of 100% natural, plant-derived alternatives to pharmaceutical medicine.With stores across Canada and United States, and a streamlined brand identity, the in store experience converts seamlessly into the online experience. The advertise mainly via their social media channels, in particular Instagram, and using email marketing. Social is mainly used to drive traffic  - to pop-up stores and retail events in store, since the in-person experience is key to truly experiencing the brand’s products.. Having said that, they do provide a great e-commerce experience with easy access to key products The customer service representatives are well versed in the products and will provide the same information, in a timely fashion, on any platform.

3. Lululemon

Lululemon is a Canadian athletic apparel retailer, whose story begins in Vancouver in 1998. In 2017, Lululemon’s worldwide revenue was reported to be 2.34 billion, in part due to the brand’s cult following - the revenue has increased year on year. Lululemon uses localized marketing and often organizes in-store events such as yoga classes so that they can get to know their community better and receive feedback in real time. With increased focus on omnichannel, the retailer has reported a 13% year-over-year (YoY) increase in net revenue and their online sales grew 15% YoY. In 2017, Lululemon revamped its online offerings and this played a big role in its improved e-commerce sales - site conversions increased 30% from Q1 to Q2. CEO Laurent Potdevin says that the increase in conversions is due to the improved visual merchandising with better product photography and video on its sites, technical site enhancements, and an overall effort to create a more seamless shopping experience.

Who are some of your favourite Canadian retailers providing a great omnichannel experience?  Let us know!

Brad Wing is the VP of Partnerships at SweetIQ and a Dx3 Advisory Board Member