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Video Marketing and Sales Stats to Get You Inspired

We know it can be hard to consider spending money on a new content type without the data, especially for data-driven businesses. So, if your organization is looking to understand the power of video and want the stats to back it up, then look no further. We’ve rounded up the top video statistics that matter to businesses to help you make the best decision for your marketing and sales needs.

The Top Sales Stats for Video

Using video for sales has quickly become one of the best ways to communicate with your audience and potential customers. The use of one-to-one video (most often used in sales conversations) has exploded in recent years. Looking at the video statistics below, it’s clear that sales reps would be smart to include video in their sales campaigns.

Sticking Out in the Inbox

● 71% of sales pros agree that video email outperforms text-based email.

Nearly 90% of sales professionals report the importance of accessing video viewing data to qualify leads, engage prospects, or influence deals.

● Video email can reduce inbox fatigue and help recipients retain more of the message when compared to text-based email.

● 46% of people remember details from a text email, but 59% of people remember details from a video within an email.

Closing Deals Faster

Close rates have increased for over 50% of sales pros who leverage video as part of their deal cycle.

● Adding CTAs to video content is one of the top online video platform feature priorities for sales reps.

● The use of video in customer and sales conversations, as well as prospecting, increased by 93% year-over-year.

The Top Marketing Stats for Video

Marketing teams around the world have already been embracing the shift to digital channels in this last decade, but the COVID-19 pandemic has really forced businesses to rethink their traditional marketing campaigns to include video.

Our roundup of 2021 video marketing statistics paints a picture of an industry making a digital transformation.

Strategy for Video Marketing

● 94% of marketers report that video converts the same or better than any other content form.

● Nearly 60% of viewers will watch a business-related video to the end if it's shorter than 60 seconds

● How-to videos, product demos, explainers, and on-demand webinars are the most popular types of B2B marketing videos.  

93% of marketers who use video say that it’s an important part of their marketing strategy.

● Video marketing provides 88% of marketers with positive ROI.

The relevance of having videos as an integral part of your content strategy can be gauged from the fact that 91% of organizations are maintaining or increasing video content production budgets. Overall business video creation increased by 135% last year. This pandemic-led digital acceleration is here to stay and so is the consumption of video content by the audience.  

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