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DX3 USA! An Expansion, A Vision

DX3 has been synonymous with the biggest names in Retail, Marketing and Technology across North America for over a decade now. Having established ourselves as go to event in Canada we are now moving South and bringing DX3 to the USA.  The first edition of DX3 USA will be held on November 9-10, 2021, at Bally’s Las Vegas.      

This hybrid event will give our audience an opportunity to listen, connect and network with the biggest names from USA and beyond and hear their perspectives. We are thrilled and  looking forward to hearing from USA’s large and medium retailers as well as start-ups which geared up the momentum during past years.

The last two years were times of self reflection and contemplation for retailers, marketers and technologists as the traveling and human interaction was put on hiatus. What answers are we seeking as we reflect on how these sectors have changed during the pandemic? The leadership from Atlanta Hawks,Bristol Myers Squibb, Walgreens, Reckitt Benckiser, BMO among others will share their experiences which will be complimented by their physical presence.

As exciting as it gets, the Kersheh group, Evio Beauty, Pixiby Petra, Stryve Biltong, Havas Media, OCIN, Hawke Media, Auro Chocolate,Expert Dojo, Spero foods are some of the brands who will share narrative on their sustainability efforts amidst the time of global uncertainty.

The entrepreneurs who emerged, evolved, and retained their control on business aspects will talk about their mantra of success and remaining relevant despite all odds. What a delight it would be to receive words of wisdom from the likes of Cloud n Joy,Partake Brewing, Polysleep, Hush Blankets, TAHNYC, INVNT, 437, GaXtracts, Tragos, King Children, Dentsu, Happy Cog.  

Last, but not the least, thanks to the technology! The technology which did not let the businesses shake and collapse. As a matter of fact, this jolt in the circumstances could only be navigated with the aid of tech industry to get a breather.

While audience would love to network during the networking breaks, DX3 would continue to put forward its services to those looking to expand their knowledge and skills through workshops spanning over a wide variety of topics ranging from content management to Online Portfolio management to welcoming a cookie less world.

We are extremely thankful to our speakers, sponsors, partners, and members of the audience for being such a significant part of our journey over the years and are confident that this support will continue in the years to come.

See you all in Las Vegas!

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She enjoys doing research and client communication, so as to bring about client satisfaction in product delivery. Her leisure time is mostly spent reading, swimming and going on long drives.