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Offering a seamless customer experience


A seamless shopping experience no longer means having your bags carried to your car. In today’s mobile world, customers expect to shop across every device and platform. When making a purchase, they might see a Facebook recommendation on their tablet, research a review from their laptop, and finally purchase on their smartphone. Given this new reality, companies need to engage customers in a rich, seamless experience regardless of device, location or platform.

“It’s not easy to offer a consistent customer experience across an entire spectrum,” said Douglas Riches, Group Director of Architecture & Innovation, Rangle.io. “Many companies are still struggling to overcome the problem of a disjointed experience. Massive departmental silos are often found at the heart of the problem. A company may have a merchandising department, mobile team, and web group, with little communication and synergy between them. These silos become evident and have a dramatic effect on the end user experience.”

Mobile surging but desktop far from deadA recent survey by digital performance management company Dynatrace offered some revealing facts about the habits and expectations of a large percentage of today’s end user:

  • 50% do more shopping on smartphones and tablets than in-store
  • 60% are doing more mobile shopping this year than last
  • 81% will abandon a buggy app and shop elsewhere
  • 51% complain about buggy apps on social media
  • 49% abandon slow-loading websites and apps

This is not to say organizations should forget about the still-sizeable percentage of the population that prefers to use laptops and desktops. The graphic below (source) shows that while the number of worldwide desktop computer shipments is steadily decreasing, millions of people will still be using them in 3-5 years.

“Our goal is to break down these silos with the smart use of UX strategy and modern technology,” continued Riches. “To cost-effectively give end users that seamless experience across all touchpoints. Consistency of experience is successful because it is the right experience for a particular channel.”

Seamless customer experienceThe multi-device world presents companies with a dual challenge: to offer customers a rich experience, and to ensure this experience is seamless regardless of device or location.

Black Crows is a ski equipment and apparel retailer based out of a resort area in the French Alps. Black Crows wanted to reach more customers with a new mobile ecommerce app. In the process, it wanted to: improve online conversion rates; optimize and enhance the customer’s mobile experience; and add multilingual and multi-currency support to reach international markets.

Black Crows partnered with the team at Rangle.io to build an industry-leading web app that works across all platforms and devices. The customers’ buying journey is now a clean and enjoyable one, from the app to an intuitively designed homepage to a pain-free shopping cart checkout. The app offers a seamless omnichannel shopping experience regardless of platform, device, location, language, or currency.

Rangle.io“Many companies struggle to build a foundation that will support their evolution down the road,” said Riches. “Add to that the complexity of ever-changing technology and consumer expectations. Our work addresses this challenge head-on so that our clients are scalable and agile.”

In a few short years, Rangle.io has empowered more than 300 companies through modern web development processes and software. To find out more about exactly how Rangle.io has helped these companies, visit Rangle Work.

Ditmar is an engineer and technology leader with 25 years experience ranging from plant floor robotics to enterprise content management, eCommerce, and modern web. As the Director of Architecture & Innovation at Rangle, he specializes in helping companies apply technology to accelerate their business outcomes.