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Thank you for being a part of DX3 Pulse

To our entire DX3 community: a big shout out from all of us!

Thank you for making DX3 Pulse such a successful event. It was for the first time since its inception that DX3 went virtual, and thanks to the undying support of our community we managed to pull off such a successful one-day conference.

The array of engaging speakers at the summit shared intriguing insights into the fundamental challenges that 2020 and COVID-19 posed for them and how their brands remodelled their business strategies to sail through these turbulent  times while always putting their customers first.

DX3 Pulse witnessed more than 39000 impressions as a result of 2 Keynotes, 7 panels and 37 speakers. 7 sponsors and more than 250 attendees were part of our endeavour to declutter the air of uncertainty around us and ponder over the future. Attendees spent an average of 37 minutes in each session.

Meghan Nameth from Hudson’s Bay gave the opening keynote, presenting the retailer’s perspective on the Future of Retail Post COVID-19 while Kobi Gulersen from Mastercard gave Mastercard’s perspective on this topic. The conversations continued throughout the day focusing on topics like Pivotal Leadership, The Alpha and Omega of Omni, Marketing to the Post Pandemic Consumer, The future of Food Service, Digital v/s Digitization, The post-pandemic payments landscape, Brands and Social movements and Beyond the Sales.    

The day of the event saw a buzzing community board and engrossing conversations through polls, chats, and messages on the community board. Our audience reaffirmed our belief in our product by giving us an encouraging 4.5/5 rating on their overall experience and shared that 63 percent joined the event to learn something new. All in all, we feel happy that we were able to create this platform and most importantly that it met our customer’s expectations. Thank You.

The same buzz also continued on the social media where both the speakers as well as audience members shared their experience of the event and shared their amazing feedback with us.  

Once again, thank you for being such a significant part of DX3. We couldn’t have done this without you!

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